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Fun Stuff! 

Workshops & events

In the past we’ve done: Lego building, colouring in, light painting, reading aloud, meditation, Dungeons and Dragons etc etc etc!

Camp members can run workshops! Just let us know what it is and we’ll can work out a good time to do it (just to make sure we don’t have too much going on at the same time!)

The What Where When print deadline has now passed for 2022 but you can still organise something if you’d like, and we will write it on the blackboard outside camp.  

Workshops for 2022

Time Tues 5th Weds 6th Thurs 7th Fri 8th Sat 9th
Noon Build / decor Cray-oh-là-là Cray-oh-là-là Cray-oh-là-là Cray-oh-là-là
2pm Build / decor Headphone session Lego Lego | Headphone session
3pm Build / decor Iced Coffee Iced Coffee Iced Coffee Iced Coffee
5pm Build / decor Best Wishes, Kindest Regards (Schitt's Creek scriptreading) Best Wishes, Kindest Regards (Schitt's Creek scriptreading)
7pm Cwtch intro / Welcome / Important Info
8pm Cwtch Party
10pm Cwtch after Dark Cwtch after Dark

Our Iced Coffee sessions are really popular and serving iced coffee is one of the shifts you can sign up for, it’s fun, especially in the middle of a dust storm!

Sound & Music

We have a pretty decent speaker set up now, and we usually have a dancefloor going on a few nights. We also play music during the day. You can make Spotify playlists to add to the collection if you want. We’ll do a call out at some point in the Slack so they can be downloaded in advance to avoid awkward buffering issues. 


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