Cwtch Info

Practical Stuff


All campers will need to do some shifts on site. These shifts include cooking dinner, cleaning up, collecting ice, refilling the water/juice dispensers, taking the bins down to the area near gate. Don’t worry, there’s instructions for everything on site. 

    What to bring

    Stuff Cwtch Provides:

    • Water
    • Rehydration juice
    • Food (dinner, brunch, snacks)
    • Beer
    • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste (we provide eco friendly stuff so only use your own if it’s also ecofriendly!)
    • Shower
    • Steady stream of hilarious jokes
    • Power (yeah you can charge your phone but it might be in a dusty pile of nonsense)
    • Washing up and handwash facilities


    You need to bring:

    • Plate / Bowl / Cutlery / Mug
    • Tent to sleep in
    • Additional drinks / spirits etc
    • Here’s a packing list we created

    Don’t bring:

    • Glitter! No!
    • Anything else that could MOOP (feathers, glued on sequins etc)
    • Glass
    • Excessive packaging


    Cwtch Camp